Father’s Day 2016.

As we approach yet another Father’s Day here in the UK, a time to celebrate Fathers, it may be that we will remember Fathers who are no longer with us, those who brought us up and gave us a good grounding for who we are today.

For many thousands of Fathers, it is a day where  the longing to be with their children, to be able to receive those precious cards from their children is just a memory, just a dream.

Fathers who are prevented from sharing their special day with the people most precious in their lives. Fathers who have been alienated by an ex or family member who see fit to disregard the importance of their ┬áDad in children’s lives.

There will also be thousands of children who don’t understand why their Father is no longer in they lives, wondering if it was something they said or did. They too want to share this special day, and everyday with someone who is half of who they are. A person who was there at the beginning of their life, who cuddled them in the early hours of the morning, who changed their nappies, who worked hard to make sure they had things they needed and a roof over their head, someone to run to when things were not going so well. A safe place to be.

A Father who loved and still loves their children, more then any words I can write. Still there, still waiting, still being Dad.

Being a Father is for life, from the moment of conception until the last breath.

For all Fathers who will feel this huge physical void on Sunday, you will always be their Dad, whatever has been said by others, whoever may have tried to step into your place, it is your blood running through their veins, you are part of their DNA, their identity, their family, only you who know the love of being a Father.

On Sunday, remember, your children have not forgotten you, you live in their hearts everyday,their love for you has not diminished, they will find you, they will return to you.



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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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