Father’s Day

Everywhere you go the shops are full of things for Father’s Day.

Sons and daughters going to find that special gift for that special person in their life.

Cards are being made in school, all made with love.

Do we give thought to those children who have no father to give those things to, what are they thinking?

The children who have no contact with Dad, do they believe that their Dads don’t care about them, that they have been abandoned?

I for one know that their Dads have most certainly not abandoned them and care deeply for their children, somehow along the way of separation, the children have got caught up in the cross fire the result being that one parent has decided to not allow Dad in their children’s lives, they have not thought about the children, they have not put the children first.

Separation and divorce is hard enough for children, but to then find themselves apart from one parent is devastating, and causes life long damage.

They often blame themselves.

My heart goes out to all Dads who won’t be seeing their precious people this weekend, or any other weekend for that matter, but remember that your children have not forgotten you, they still love you, it’s just at this moment in time they are not able to show you, but they will.

You will always be their Dad, no circumstance can change that.

Father’s Day.

It is just another Sunday, nothing special,

But it is special, a day to celebrate Dads,

A time for us to acknowledge our love for them,

Their day, a moment to say thanks and to hold them close.

Not all Dads will be sharing their special moment again this year,

How many more years will they have to endure this emptiness,

Children, who need both parents in their lives, to say “I love you.”

Hold on to your memories, close your eyes and remember,

Your children have not forgotten you, they never will.

They are holding you close, listening to your heartbeat,

They can see you, no-one can ever take that away.

You are their Dad, their special person, now and forever.

©Jane Jackson


About Jane

Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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