Families are broken.

How can we mend the families who find themselves in their own personal war?

How can we have those difficult conversations with one another, without blame, without scoring points?

How do we find out what the real problems are, if we can’t talk?

I could go on indefinitely writing the questions I have, for all families involved in this barrage of bullets.

Even when one side calls a ceasefire, waves a white flag the other side refuse to put down their weapons of destruction.

On Wednesday we will commemorate The Holocaust , remembrance of some of the darkest days in our history. Days that I can only read about, I am reading a book called Born Survivors, a book that everyone should read. A true story of the most extraordinary courage of 3 women who find themselves pregnant and heading for Auschwitz, with the rest of their families gassed, they fight for the only thing they have left, their lives and their unborn babies.They managed to hide their pregnancies from the Nazis and were forced to work and  almost starved to death. As the allies are closing in they are taken by their captors to a concentration camp, a long, tortuous 17 day train trip.

When their babies are born, in the most inhuman conditions, the women weight barely 5 stone, but somehow they keep their babies alive. There follows the story of 3 extraordinary children, who were able to live because of their mothers unbelievable fight for life.

Reading stories such as these, show how the strength of love can endure anything.

When you become a parent, your instinct kicks in immediately you are responsible for this small human being, without you feeding them every four hours they won’t survive, a total dependancy on one another.

So, how and why does that bond get severed?

I imagine those reading this will at this point be saying, all the reasons they have for this to have happened.

We all have reasons, it’s because of this or that, but that will get us nowhere.

Someone has to have the courage to face their foes.

Time won’t wait, time is marching on.

We do have an ability to care and to love amid inconceivable cruelty, however hurt we may all be, somehow we have to try and mend a society of broken families.



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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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