Emotional Abuse

Here we are in a new month in a New Year 2019.

For us personally 2018 was a monumental year, being reunited with our granddaughter was the dream we thought would never happen.

So now BGSG will focus on the Emotional Abuse that is caused through estrangement/alienation.

Of course the word Abuse is a very strong word to be using, but we know that to stop children their human right to a loving and caring relationship with their parents and grandparents is Emotional Abuse.

Children/grandchildren are repeatedly told that their ‘other’ parent or grandparents don’t love them, don’t care about them and they have to forget them.

BGSG is contacting all organisations who purport to support children but do not include estrangement/alienation after a family breakdown as an issue.

Most organisations will send out a typical ‘corporate’ response, that does not in fact answer the question we are asking them.

It is beyond our understanding why.

In the UK we have shameful numbers of our young people suffering with their mental health, I would argue that one of the reasons has to be family breakdown, in all its forms.

I can still remember when my father walked out on our family, he said that he no longer wanted to have us in his life, the devastation that caused, was enormous, and something I will live with forever. To be told by a family member that they don’t want you, is impossible to describe. Words can’t express the feeling you experience.

Our young people are being harmed in the most awful of ways.

They are children, they love both their parents and extended family.

One minute things are as they should be, with all those special people in their lives, and overnight they are taken away from them.

The constant drip feed of acid that is poured onto these children, is corrosive.

A drip feed of bad-mouthing others, of portraying a picture of some people as being bad, eventually burns into their thoughts.

It is cruel, it is control.

BGSG is asking every grandparent to write to these organisations asking them if they will support us  publicly, and acknowledge the Emotional Abuse that is caused by estrangement and alienation to children/grandchildren.

It is time for us all to put our heads above the parapet, on behalf of our grandchildren.

This Emotional Abuse must stop.




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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