Once again we are approaching a time of the year that for many is difficult, TV ads again showing Easter as a family time. For those who will not be celebrating with all their family, it can be a time for hunkering down under the duvet until it is over.

Whether you have a faith or not, Easter always signals new beginnings and a time of hope for the future.

It is a time of daffodils blowing in the wind, birds chirping in the trees and even the air can somehow feel softer.

There will of course be families who are apart, a parent not being able to see or talk to their children, grandparents who will not see those smiling faces of expectant grandchildren as they rush around the garden hunting for eggs when the Easter bunny has been.

Easter is a reflective time, a time for peace and quiet and a time of healing.

I know many of you feel it is impossible to forgive those who have kept you apart from loved ones, but to carry the burden of hate and revenge is not the way forward. The ability to allow it to go, frees you from that burden.

As I have said so many times, revengeful thoughts only hurt you.

BGSG has always been about hope, and never giving up.

We have had many families reconciled in recent months, and we can share in their joy.

Don’t ever think it won’t happen to me, because it can and it does.

We can’t avoid these difficult periods so we have to face them.

Just as at Christmas time, do something for you, do something you have never done before, call someone who is also on their own. Spend time with old friends.

Even in the darkest moments, wonderful things are going on around us, we just need to notice them and to be thankful for what we have, Easter will come and go, just like every other day, but it brings with it newness of life and long bright days reaching out in front of us. We mustn’t waste those days.

Grandparents often say how can we get back the lost years, the answer is we can’t, but we have now, and that is the important thing.

For the children who will be apart from a parent/grandparent again this year, just know how much you are loved by everyone, that the day will come where you will be reunited and you will be able to start your own new beginning.


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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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