Don’t judge

I have tried not to enter into the Harry and Meghan debate, but it seems that it is something we do need to talk about.

Almost every group appears to be saying that this is just the beginning of Parental Alienation, that coercive control is at work.

The truth is that absolutely no one knows the truth, everything that is being said or written are assumptions.

Of course it may play out that the groups who are writing this stuff, may well be proved right, I hope and pray they are wrong. None of us would wish for anyone to experience the horror of alienation.

The concerning thing for me is that every parent, grandparent I have spoken to over the last 12 years, are so distressed by how others judge them. How other people will say things like,

You must have done something?

Those of us who are denied contact with children and grandchildren, have no way of proving that we haven’t done anything, we are often all tarred with the same brush.

We are ‘toxic.’

Ask yourself if you are doing the same thing?

For those who have jumped on this story, are, doing exactly the same thing as those who judge us, they are now making judgements themselves, without having any facts at all.

I have been asked on numerous occasions to make a comment over the estrangement of Meghan and her father by the media, I wont respond.

They are of course in the public eye, so everyone has an angle they are looking for.

Whoever they are, this is still a private matter of a family trying to be new parents, but with the added pressure of being part of the Royal Family.

All of a sudden Father’s Rights groups, Grandparents groups think it is fair game to contribute to the anguish that no doubt is being felt across the whole family.

It is not only what they are saying but the language that is going along with the posts and comments, is just disgraceful.

So please be mindful that all of us find the judgement from others towards us very hurtful, so don’t join this media frenzy, of Judge and Jury.





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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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