Does manipulation ever stop.

All too often estrangement/alienation happens because of someone wielding power and control  and the perpetrators manipulate others in any way they can to cause the most destruction. They stop at nothing from lying and making false allegations.

Never think a manipulator has a conscience because they don’t, they have no empathy or care for anyone other than themselves. Their aim is only to damage someone, and to ruin any healthy relationship, they wont rest until they have destroyed others.

They will get under the skin of others, they will exploit every emotion to seize power and control, through mental distortion.

A manipulator will seek  out your weakness and use it against you.

They are cunning and clever, and will convince you to give up something that you hold dear for their own interest.

To be able to walk away from a manipulator you have to first acknowledge that you are indeed being manipulated.

They will be very good at giving you false memories, telling how things were, when in fact it was the opposite, but if you listen to these toxic people you will believe them. They will hook you in and reel you up into their den of destruction. You will think you have a free mind to your own opinion, but you haven’t they are telling you what to believe. They are insidious and feed off the damage they can inflict.

Never forget that you have a right to your own opinions, feelings and desires.

The manipulator doesn’t want you to have your own opinion, and will work tirelessly to make you only believe what they are telling you.

You are in charge of your own life.

Does your manipulator have different faces for different people?

They can be extraordinarily polite to others, bending over backwards to apparently help others,  or they can become totally helpless and vulnerable, they are incredibly plausible.

Don’t think you will be able to change your manipulator, you won’t.

They will make you feel inadequate to the extent you begin to doubt yourself, it is all part of their plan.

Ask yourself  a few questions if you think you are being manipulated,

Does this person actually have any respect for me, are they reasonable with their expectations of me, is this a one way relationship, do I feel ok in this situation?

A true manipulator will have no desire to think about your needs, it is their way, or no way.

Never give them an instant answer to their demands, don’ t have a knee jerk reaction, say you need time to think about things.

If you feel uncomfortable in any way, learn to say ‘no.’

A manipulator is a bully. Don’t allow yourself to become a target, stand your ground and don’t back down.

When you are told things about other people, think very carefully, find out for yourself from others if what you are being told is true. Don’t assume you are being told the truth.

A manipulator will thrive on your doubts, they will cast you out at the drop of a hat and cut you out of their lives when they have completed their task, leaving you with nothing.









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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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