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I wrote briefly about The Silver Stories project a while ago, as it beginning to take off I wanted to explain a little more on how it works.

We all know that as a society we are facing isolation and loneliness at epidemic proportions.

I really believe that everyone of us has a responsibility to try and make a difference to someones life, it doesn’t have to be something huge, a smile, a cup of tea and the ability to listen, is priceless.

We are off to meet another teacher today who is interested in The Silver Stories project. If any of you in the Bristol, Glouc, Somerset area might like to take part, let me know. He is a brief outline of what it is, for those who don’t know.

“Communicating across the generations.” The project was created by an inspirational Headteacher in Torpoint, the idea being to support both the children and older people in their community, through reading. Dame Esther Rantzen calls it a ‘brilliant idea.’ All you need is a telephone, a comfy chair and a good listening ear!

Children telephone a Silver Listener and then read them a short story or poem . This not only helps the children to become more confident in their reading skills but also links the children to older people in their community, to help diminish feelings of isolation and loneliness. Some of the comments from Silver Listeners include,” I loved that story! Hearing you read has put a big smile on my face.” ” Thank you, that was wonderful. You have made my day.”

The calls take about 5 minutes once a week at a regular time, excluding school holidays. Marc and I went to Torpoint to see it in action, and it is magical, it is such a simple thing to do and yet so effective.

Please get in touch if you would like to be involved.


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