Children find their way home.

It is very difficult to explain to someone how it feels to be apart from your grandchildren, in fact it is impossible.

As with any experience in life you never really fully understand unless you are touched by that experience.

It is so easy to say the wrong thing, however well intentioned.

Sometimes saying nothing at all to acknowledge someones pain, is worse. I remember a friend of mine at school, who lost her Dad in a horrible accident when we were about 13,  said so many people literally crossed the road to avoid having to say something.

Each individual person knows their own truth, most have no idea why they find themselves being denied contact, if people don’t talk to one another how can you heal the rift?

At the event this weekend I was asked what we do to fight for grandparents rights?  Yes ,that appalling phrase again.

We have never been about the rights of grandparents, and certainly government have no intention of bringing in such a law, not in my lifetime at least. I think most of you know my views on that anyway, and yes they are my personal views. For those who don’t, we have hundreds of thousands  of parents who are denied contact with their own children, so to think that there could be a law to give a grandparent rights, is unthinkable.

I know of course that grandparent relationships with their grandchildren is different, but how would it work if Marc and I were given a ‘right’ to see or granddaughter and yet her Dad is still being denied his right?

Lots of you will and do disagree, as I say it is my view.

As a support group, we can do nothing to change situations, but what we do, do is to help and support those who ask for it, to never give up hope, never to judge and to raise public awareness whenever we can.

I hope this phrase that I read today helps, “God gives children memories for a reason: So that they will always be able to find their way home!!”


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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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