Children being removed from parents and grandparents.

My thanks go to two grandparents who have given their permission for me to share their devastating stories.

“  As a grandparent I  had almost given up hope of ever seeing my Grandson again. Not knowing quite what had happened over the last couple of years we were, as grandparents delighted to hear that my daughter was to have her own child the one she thought she would never have.

She has Epilepsy and has several seizures at night since she was 19yrs old she is now 25.

In October 2013 she had a beautiful baby boy .She and her partner were delighted. He was delivered by C.Section.

He came home to live with us and her parents and after a couple of weeks my daughter had said he wouldn’t sleep on his back. I was concerned and so told her to speak to the Health Visitor.This she did and was immediately told to take him to the hospital to have him checked out. He was given x-rays Skeletal, as we now know. but he was allowed home and no concerns at that time.The following day the health visitor arrived and said he needed to go back to the hospital, so we took him back .The police and Social Services were there and said they had reports of unknown damages to his ribs .They asked my daughter to leave and they took him away. Of course we had no idea what was happening.

We as Grandparents just had to stand and watch ,shocked at what had just happened. We just kept asking WHY!

What had we done? Where was he going?

Later the next day we hadn’t slept just talked to my daughter trying to console her. She had several seizures through the night her partner had helped her we just wanted to know what had happened.

We didn’t know what had happened but the police asked us to go for Video interview, which we duly did. We were asked questions about personal things family etc. We still had no idea Why!

Our grandson had been taken to a relative at this point but only temporary as my daughter was told he was going to be fostered.

We were devastated as we still did not know why this was happening.

My daughter had been in touch with SW who text her as to what she had to do, given meeting times as to when she could see him at the meeting centre. Arrangements were made for us as we had asked when we could see him .We managed to get some time 1hr every 2 weeks to see him after that 12 months later and we had his 1st birthday with us at the centre. We have not seen him since February and were told he was to be adopted in June ,we have not heard anything since then. My daughter had a text from SW who told her he was with his adopted parents now and he was going to be a Blue supporter!!

Many hearings were made to conclusions as to his welfare and the SS took it upon themselves to place him for whatever reason.

His Grandad has suffered a Stroke through all the pain and suffering the SS have put us through and I am being treated for depression.

This not right and should be stopped now, the government need to know how much this is going on and the closed family courts need to be open for all those families being caused anguish and pain..

Hope this can be printed and have some conclusion very soon for all those other grandparents out there who are suffering too.God bless you all.”

Case study 2:

A grandparent who has not had any contact with her granddaughter for 8 years, found out that her granddaughter had been taken into foster care. She decided to contact social services to try and find out what had happened and if there would be a possibility of her seeing her granddaughter, to her utter horror she was told that she had in fact been adopted 2 years ago. She had no knowledge of this at all.

Why is this happening, time and time again we see articles about ‘forced adoption,’ who is taking responsibility for removing children this way?



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