Championing Grandchildren’s Rights.

It has been a few days since I have written, partly due to the fact we were having our website revamped and updated and  sometimes it is necessary to take a step back.

I hope you all like the new look, people have remarked that it feels sharper and brighter.

Thanks to for all the work involved and more importantly their patience with me!

You may have noticed the new strap line on the home page,

‘Championing Grandchildren’s rights across the U.K and beyond.’

We wanted to move the website forward to reflect the direction we are going in. It has, as you know always been about the rights of grandchildren for us and it is important to emphasise that.

I was interested to see recently that apparently there are over 100 groups on various social media platforms who are campaigning around the issues of estrangement/alienation be that parents, grandparents, siblings or any other family members.

If you look at the numbers of membership of these different groups and organisations, even taking into account that many people are members of lots of different groups, the numbers are huge.

Just think if we could all be one group, what a powerful lobbying group that would be?

Unfortunately, that dream is just that, a dream.

To most people you would wonder why?

Those of us who do already try to work together know that within some of these groups and organisations, individual people prevent that happening.

It can be several reasons for that.

Groups can become protectionist, some are run by people who put their own egoes above the cause, some have a political agenda, some are run with a financial gain as they are businesses, and some have members who like to cause upset.

Often the behaviour is nothing short of playground bullying.

The majority of those who set up groups ect in the first place do so because they have been affected by the awfulness of estrangement/alienation, they are striving to raise awareness in any way they can, they are speaking out on behalf of children, but they can find themselves embroiled in all sorts of issues. In some cases it causes them so much stress that they decide to close down, so the very people they set out to support find that their place of safety is no longer there, just because of the behaviour of the few.

We have to remember why we are here in the first place, to keep focused on the bigger picture, for those groups who are working together to remain strong and to support each other, in the knowledge that we are working towards a time when there will be no need for these groups, that estrangement/alienation becomes a thing of the past.





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