A centenarians view on being a grandparent.

Tomorrow we will be joining in the celebrations of a very dear friend, who will be 100years old, it will be a joyous occasion and a day full of memories and nostalgia.

She is a remarkable lady who still lives independently in her own home, and is seen out daily on in electric mobility scooter, popping off to the shops, she is known by everyone locally, and is full of life.

Talking to her yesterday about her life, as always is so interesting and the changes that have happened in her lifetime are enormous.

She was a Headteacher for many years and has a love of family and children.

At her celebration tomorrow she will be joined by her grandchildren and great grandchildren, who adore her.

She talked to me about the joy of being a grandparent and great grandparent, she said that looking at the next generations filled her with hope for the future, a future in their hands. She is a lady that knows that things are very different from what  they were in ‘her day’, but she said the biggest concern she has for the young people, is that they don’t appear to respect people anymore, she wasn’t talking about her own family, they wouldn’t dare disrespect her!

She is saddened by so many families breaking down and children being made to choose between their parents and grandparents. She says, “It just isn’t right.Children are born into this world to be loved and cared for by Mum and Dad, and to be part of the wider family. To be cared for by all family members.”

I know when we shared the programme we did for The One Show with Esther Rantzen last year, she cried. She just shook her head in disbelief.She said to me, ” Children are the most important thing in your life, once you have children, that is where your priority should be, they are not pawns in a game of chess. The children must come first not the parents. Society will suffer for these actions.”

So tomorrow as we all raise our glasses to this very special lady, I will also be raising a glass for all of the children who won’t have the love and experience of a grandparent or great grandparent because adults have forgotten their priorites.

Happy Birthday A. x




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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