Cause of loneliness.

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With reference to an article this was a response.


Your Leader (April 20th) highlighted the problem of loneliness, and its links to chronic illness and early death.The Social revolution called for to tackle the scourge of isolation will not succeed unless we address our epidemic levels of family breakdown.

Evidence continues to pile up that physical (and mental) health benefits accrue to those in committed ,stable relationships,particularly marriage.

For example, recent research from the University of San Diego found that unmarried male cancer patients’ death rates were higher by 27% than those of married patients, and females by 19%.

This was only minimally explained by economic factors: the social support that marriage provided was the key driver.

Although your leader mentions divorce, the fragility of cohabitation is far greater: cohabiting couples comprise of only one fifth of parents but account for close to half of family breakdown.

The Treasury knows this costs around £48 billion a year and should ensure that every department of government has a minister charged with developing policies to strengthen and stabilise families. Also, if the slender tax allowance were beefed up for the poorest,where fractured relationships are most prolific ,this could make inroads into our commitment -averse culture.

Lord Farmer

Former Conservative party treasurer.”



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