We care.

I wrote some time ago about why joining a support group works, and yesterday at our meeting it was a testament to the success of one person being kind,caring and empathetic to another human being.

We are bombarded minute by minute by the sadness and distress that is going on all over the world, with 24 hour news coverage entering our living rooms. We witness it seems almost intimately, the horrors of local, national and global events.

And yet, there are wonderful things happening all around us, every single day, we just have to make sure we notice.

We may not be able to change the global instability, but we can change our attitude to those we meet.

We had several new members arrive yesterday and as always it is marvellous to witness the genuine care given by other members, by the end of the meeting people who have only meet a few hours ago are reaching out to each other, just offering a hug. That hug may well be the first hug someone has had for a very long time. A hug that is so giving and accepting of our mutual heartbreak.

Grandparents often say that they can’t talk to friends about their estrangement as they don’t understand , or they tell them to pull themselves together. Talking to family members is also not always easy, we don’t want to keep on burdening them.

The support that grandparents are giving as a ‘befriender’ is also a life saver. Those phone calls or emails that are given are eagerly  awaited, the feedback I have is amazing.

Whether it is one to one support at meetings, receiving an email every day, a regular phone call or being part of the FB group page from someone who understands completely is making a real difference.

Here is a recent quote, “ My Dr wants me to go to counselling,I told her about this lovely site,and how it’s helped me more than counselling.”

I think that says it all really.



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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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