Campaigning and raising awareness.

In 10 years BGSG has campaigned to raise awareness of the heartbreak of grandchildren being denied contact with their grandparents as a result of family breakdown, and to highlight the importance of children continuing a loving and caring relationship with both parents.

It is true to say that along the way, we have had our eyes open in all sorts of different ways. Not always positve.

People and organisations with hidden agendas, in some cases those who are supposed to be working together actually harming the cause altogether. Some organisations have a vested interest in that they receive government funding, albeit somewhat reduced in recent times, but nevertheless they are not independent of government and its policies. They indirectly tow the party line. So the thoughts that there will be a change in the law as far as grandparents are concerned is very unlikely. Equally trying to change the law on breach of contact orders is a hard nut to crack.

Campaigning works by a few likeminded people coming together in a common cause, to build the momentum a movement, to raise public awareness of the seriousness of family breakdown that is facing our society not just in the UK but globally.

Generations of children are growing up in the belief that it is ok to just throw away family members, that they are no longer important.

Petitions date back to medical times when working class people were demanding the right to vote ect.

How effective are they in present day?

I am afraid that I am somewhat cynical, especially as far as the government online petitions are concerned. If you actually read properly this sentence there is one word that gets forgotten. “if you collect more than 100,000 signatures, your e-petition could be debated in the House of Commons”,  the important word is ‘could’. I am not saying that to petition is not a good thing, with other independent digital platforms such as,or 38.Degrees they can be very effective, but they are not run by the government.

I fully support anyone who is trying to get the truth out there, and to be striving for children and grandchildren to have the right to a healthy loving relationship with all family members, but just to have a think about who is actually wanting to become involved, there will be those who are actually wanting to raise their own profile and self interest.

Cynic, yes I am afraid I am.



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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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