Big Brother is watching.

Using social media in all its forms can be a helpful tool, but it is just that, a tool.

Those who use it as a counselling couch or a place to reap revenge should be very careful.

It still appears that there are those who think just because a forum/group page is ‘closed’ that it makes it totally private, it doesn’t. The nature of the internet is that nothing is private anymore.

Many such ‘closed’ groups are infiltrated by the very people who have caused you grief, I am always suspicious when certain group pages suddenly get huge numbers of people wanting to join. Are they all genuine?

Who knows?

Members of these groups write very personal details, families names, locations and even photos of children/grandchildren. They talk of how they ‘hate’ their nasty family members ect, really incriminating stuff.

It is not only family members setting up false profiles and false accounts, organisations and lawyers can also use this incriminating dialogue, and it can and is used as evidence.

Sometimes people will say,”Well I don’t care if my son/daughter, SIL/DIL see what I write, I have nothing to hide.”

Maybe not, but if you are going through a court process, it does matter, the written word can not be denied.

We have all said things we regret, and no doubt written things we regret, but it takes an instant for those posts or comments to be screen shot or copied. Even if you decided to take them down, the damage has already been done.

Once on the internet always on the internet.

Do we really want our children/grandchildren also reading this stuff?

Although you are hurt, desperate, angry just please think before you write, I know I keep saying it, but it still happens.

Even organisations who have public websites or forums then advertise that they have ‘secret’ group pages, and ‘just ask to join,’ not so secret anymore then. Anyone at all can pretend they are someone else, there is no absolute way of knowing.




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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