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This week we saw Parental Alienation feature in an episode of the BBC Silent Witness programme, and although it was not factually correct in some parts, the very fact that it was on prime time television is a positive move. Of course as with all drama there is always going to be artistic license.

It showed clearly how women can be the abuser in domestic abuse.

As I have written so many times, that it has become painful, we must stop putting gender into the act of domestic abuse, or in anything else for that matter.

If women are really looking for equality it has to start with them, the feminist brigade have to acknowledge that gender is not the point.

I won’t be holding my breath on that.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what organisation you might be affiliated with, the moment you start talking about domestic abuse or Parental/Grandparent Alienation you will be targeted by the feminist lobby.

In a recent article this week the sub-headline was

Playing the parental alienation card is proving more powerful than any other in silencing the voices of women and children resisting contact with abusive men,

The article goes on only talking about abusive men, nowhere does it mention the abuse carried out by women, so biased.

I know when we are talking to grandparents about changes in the law, we will state that it is not as easy as they believe, and we say that we up against the very powerful feminist lobby, and the grandparents don’t believe us.

They will say things like

Women want the best for their children

The women who are the perpetrators of Parental/ Grandparent Alienation, do not want what is best for their children. They are fighting their own personal vendetta against adults they have cast aside.

When we were first faced with being alienated from our grandchild, a barrister told us that there are serial mothers. Women who have relationships with lots of different men, have a baby, then, kick the men out  and deny contact. Of course all the time receiving child maintenance. A  woman who has, let’s say four children all with different dads, has quite a lot of money coming in.

Don’t be misled that all women are the gentler sex, are the nurturing kind, those who alienate are anything but gentle.

Make no mistake, we face an up hill battle, they are waiting for us, one such person, responded to the debate we had at Westminster, that it would be

Over her dead body, that she would ever allow her parents to have any contact with her children. 

This individual runs a charity as well!

Parental/Grandparent Alienation is a political hot potato. Those in power who can make changes will not go against the feminist lobby, for fear of being accused of discrimination against women, amongst other things.

So ladies, if you believe yourself to be a feminist, think what feminism means now, it is not what it used to mean. I believe in equality for all.

Above all of this, it doesn’t matter if you are Mum or Dad, Grandad or Grandma, Uncle, Aunt, Sister, Brother, the ONLY thing that matters is the children.

Children love everyone, they must not have to choose.

Adults must not put their children in that position.

Grandchildren’s Rights – One voice, united, breaking the silence.

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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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