Alienators have no conscience.

Speaking to a grandparent recently, they said what most grandparents say to me, ” Surely my son/daughter/daughter-in-law/son-in-law will come round, they have a conscience.”

I am afraid, alienators do not have a conscience.

They consider that what they are doing is right, it is right to keep their children/grandchildren away from a parent/grandparent.

It is right to not allow their children to have a loving, caring relationship with a parent/grandparent, to keep them away from their extended family.

Those of us who have or are experiencing the evilness of this know only too well, that we are depicted as ‘bad’ people , we are some sort of monsters.

The daily drip feed of poison has its effect.

I don’t imagine any alienators read these blogs, but just in case, this blog is for you.

So, do you have a conscience?

I want to make you aware of the damage you are doing, yes, the damage you are doing.

What you are doing is Child Abuse.

You are causing your children harm, emotional child abuse, a whole generation of children are being treated this way. There are report after report on previous generations of children who have been subject of abuse, hundreds and thousands of children suffered in silence for years.

It is only many years later that the truth is being exposed, because those children are now older and are finding the strength from somewhere to speak up about the atrocious lives they have endured.

No child should be expected to ‘choose’ between parents/grandparents, they are children it is not for them to have to make those sorts of choices.

Maybe as alienators you would like to make a choice of which child you would like to continue to see?

To get back to the title of this blog, and whether alienators have a conscience?

No, they don’t.

Every day a non resident parent ends their life as a direct result of being denied contact with their children, and every day grandparents are suffering physically and mentally from the absolute cruelty of alienation.

Over the past 11 years, I have lost 3 grandparents who could not go on, and many grandparents are facing life threatening illnesses, knowing that they will never see their grandchildren again.

One grandparent I was supporting wrote to their estranged family member and told them that they only had months to live, the response was sickening.

“You are making it up.”

Sadly that grandparent is no longer with us.

Another grandparent lost her son prematurely, a son who had been denied contact for several years, and the ex attended his funeral with his children, and still denies contact to their grandparents.

I actually could go on and on with similar stories.

Except of course they aren’t stories, they are true, some are to distressing to share.

Alienated children are and will suffer long term damage.

So at this moment in time, you may think you have power and control but it won’t be long before the children see your actions for what they are, abuse.

It is time for the people who are supposed to be protecting our children, NSPCC, CAFCASS and all government ministers to open their eyes to the catastrophic tragedy that is Parental Alienation.

The scandal of the 21st century.




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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