A world of plenty

This has been a time for reflection in every way.

Spending many hours sitting at the bottom of our garden in our little summer house, I have been able to listen to the birds, and to hear the humming of the bees. I have taken so much more notice of the scent of flowers, and just wonder at the beauty of nature.

It has been a time to not rush, to soak up every second, every minute to be grateful in so many ways.

There is no doubt that our generation have been so, so lucky.

Living through the 60’s and the freedom that began in that decade, was extraordinary, we just didn’t really realise how we were all going to be living in a different way. Women were given so much more freedom, no longer were they expected to marry, keep house and have children.

The world opened up in way it had not done before.

People could jump on a plane and go to every corner of the world, at the drop of a hat.

The Western world, became a world of plenty.

My goodness if only we had known what we were doing to our beautiful planet, and to our society.

That era of freedom, love and peace, seems to have been a dream in so many ways.

As we continue in this lockdown and all that entails, the question is will be ever get back to how it was?

No-one really knows the answer to that, only time will tell, and actually do we want to go back to that time of having everything we wanted, whenever we wanted it at not only our personal expense but more importantly at the expense of the our earth?

As I write this I am once again at the bottom of my garden, and there is no noise at all, no aeroplanes, little traffic, the trickle of water in my little fountain is happily doing its thing, but there is another sound.

The sound of families being together, in their gardens, mums and dads playing with their children. Children giggling whilst trying to play a game they have thought up. Families passing by our house, walking, running, or on their bikes, stopping frequently to look and listen to things that they normally take no notice of. The ladybird, the tadpoles on a wall in a make shift pond, those pretty flowers growing in someone’s garden and listening intently to the birds trying to identify them.

A different sort of peace, from what we will all be celebrating on May 8th, VE Day, but nevertheless, peace.

People appear to be at peace with themselves, and that is priceless.

Of course not all families are happy, there are still great injustices, children and grandchildren denied contact with people they love, you will not be forgotten. We will still be fighting for the right for all children to have a loving and caring relationship with all their family.

So as we ease out of lockdown we must never forget, we must treat each other with kindness and appreciate all we have and think very carefully about how we can help our planet to heal. It has shown us how beautiful it is even in these uncertain times, we must look after Mother Nature.

The whole world has lost thousands of people, each one is someones family, not a statistic but a mum, a dad, a wife, a husband, a brother a sister, an uncle an aunt…….. families that will never be the same.

We can’t allow them to have died in vain.

This Pandemic has been a wake up call to us all.

Things can change overnight, be grateful for all you have, be thankful for life itself, it is precious and all too often too short.

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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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