A parents love.

As you will know our estrangement from our granddaughter occurred as a result of my sons’ divorce, just one of the many circumstances that attribute to grandchildren being denied access to their grandparents.

I have been reminded again today of the desperate plight of Dads and Mums who are alienated from their children.

It is something of course that my son leaves with every single day, and has done since 2007.

Many, many thousands of parents here and across the globe are dealing with this heart wrenching separation on a daily basis, they are lied about in court, they are falsely accused of stuff and all too often, the system lets them and their children down.

One Dad today says,” today my little girl is 25 years old, I haven’t seen her since she was 7.” Words which break your heart.

Why has that daughter been deprived of a fathers love?

You will have read in a recent blog, of a Dad who just couldn’t face life any longer without his children, some may say, he should have fought harder, but no one should pass judgement. The hell that he was living in was personal to him.

Others will say that you must never give up the fight, but again we can’t possibly make a judgement like that. Some non resident parents have to sometimes for their own protection ‘walk away’ of course they haven’t actually walked away, but they can’t continue along that particular road. Just because someone is not fighting through the courts does not mean, under any circumstances that they have given up on their children.

On the other side, news today of justice getting it right, a Dad who will now be able to build a loving and caring relationship with his child. He had the strength and resilience to fight the legal barriers, he also had to fund raise to help him to pay the court costs.

For all non resident parents, however you are dealing with your loss, you will never stop being Mum and Dad, you are part of your children, your blood is still rushing through their veins, allowing them to live. A part of you will never be erased.

Please don’t pass a judgement on those who are unable to fight the system, it doesn’t make them a lesser parent.



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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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