A new day.

Having just returned from the beautiful county of Cornwall, I was constantly reminded of the beauty in this country.

Everyday we discovered somewhere new, somewhere stunning and places of peace.

When we are busy buzzing around or trying to cope with our estrangements from children or grandchildren, it is so easy to become increasingly insular and become unable to use our senses to capture the moment, moments that are given to us, a gift.

As with all gifts we need to take in the wrapping, the shape, the smell and the excitement of wondering what is inside. Then we can carefully pull away the outer part and really study the inside, in fact it doesn’t matter what is inside it is the thought behind that gift. Someone has taken time to think about us, to consider what we would like and then has wrapped it with their love.

I think we need to look at everyday in the same way.

Acknowledge that this new day, is also a gift we have been given, to use our eyes, open them wide the gift of sight is a miraculous thing, we can even look at what is a grey Monday morning in a different way. Take a moment to study the clouds, they will never be the same again, a fleeting moment and then they change, it maybe be cloudy but the sun is still there just hiding behind those clouds. The clouds that bring the rain to water the flowers and plants, to fill the streams and lakes, water is one of life’s necessities.

There is nothing like the smell of the rain on a summers day, you can’t bottle it, it is just there, just that moment the raindrops hit the warm earth.

Things that we take for granted like flicking on a switch and the light comes on, or turning on the tap and fresh drinking water flows out, hoe often do we think how lucky we are? Many millions across the world don’t have those luxuries.

When we meet people we have no idea at all what stories they have to tell, and they all have them, there will be moments of great sadness but moments of great joy as well, we can be that shoulder in the bad times and we can celebrate their joy.

So today, will not come this way again, take note of it and everyone you meet today.

You can make someones day special by just looking into their eyes, by listening and by just touching their hand, that is the gift we have.

A gift we need to share, the gift of love is a blessing that can not be surpassed.

So have a good day.



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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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