My music pulls me through.

Yet again we have witnessed an outpouring of grief for a young musician who has died. I certainly consider 57 to be young!

You may not have been into the music of Prince but undeniably many hundreds of thousands of people, of all ages, were and are.

We should not underestimate the importance of music.

Music is a soundtrack of our lives, just hearing a particular piece or song will immediately take us back to different times of our lives, you can visualise where you were, who you were with and what you were doing.

Those poignant lyrics to a song can make us smile or reduce us to a quivering wreck of tears, those songs saw us through some of the toughest times or those that were playing at the most fantastic time of our lives.

It is no surprise that ‘Singing for the Brain’ helps people who are suffering from Alzheimers Disease, in allowing those paths of memory to open up.

Music is great therapy, I know when I am feeling down playing music always helps, true I do sing along as well, so I tend to do it when alone! Well except when singing with GGCC.

It can be easy to question the worldwide response to the passing of a musician, but I think it is much more than that. It is because of the personal reminders for us, we have gone through, maybe our teenage years, marriages, births, breakups and deaths in our own families, music always plays a part.

Times when we thought we would never be able to function again because of a terrible event in out lives, times when we were so ecstatically happy that we thought nothing could surpass that feeling, I am sure at those times there is a particular song, a particular lyric that was playing along those times.

“My music pulls me through,”

To really embarrass my children I will quote Abba – “Thank you for the music.”



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