The children are suffering.

As you know the focus point for BGSG is the affect estrangement has on grandchildren, and I try to write with grandchildren in mind whenever I can.

You will also know that I always say, your grandchildren never forget you.

A grandparent today received proof, if it was needed, that you are all still very much in the hearts of your grandchildren.

Grandmother. YOU ARE MY :

Storyteller: boo kisser: teacher: seamstress: angel: advice giver: hand holder: sunshine: doctor: peace maker: mentor: confidant: problem solver: family historian: shoulder: words of wisdom: cheerleader: cookie baker: hug giver: healer: inspiration: chef: counsellor: memory holder


This was sent by a grandchild who is prevented from seeing their grandparents, even Social Services say they can’t, a judge says they can’t. What is this family justice system doing to these children? All of those in authority who made these decisions so many, many months ago, should hold their heads in shame.

All this grandchild wants is to be able to be with and love their grandparents.

It is true to say that just at the present time the children have to live the life they are dealt, and they have to keep the peace, if that means not talking about their grandparents, as it causes a row, then they won’t. Most of us given the choice will do anything for a quiet life, children are no exception.

But that absolutely doesn’t mean that they have in any way forgotten you.

Children have their own ways of trying to communicate, and they will try various means to just tell their grandparents how much they love and miss them, as the above shows so clearly.

To any grandchild who may be reading this, hang in there, your grandparents love you more than you will ever know, they have and do try everything to make things right but someone somewhere is stopping it happen.

One day you will have a voice and people will listen.

“Love you more.”



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