Here is the link to Woman’s Hour from this morning, we were talking about the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, and how it feels when things go wrong.

Helen Harris has written a novel on the subject, called Sylvia Garland’s Broken Heart. It is always difficult reading a novel about a subject that you are experiencing, I think that the relationship between grandmother and daughter-in-law showed how they irritated ¬†each other over almost everything to do with the grandson.

Neither would compromise or agree to disagree and showed little if any respect for each other.

The child was never put first, it was all about the adults needs.

The grandmother took desperate measures when she is told that her grandson is to go and live in America, what she in fact was doing was once again putting her needs first, and putting her grandson in an unacceptable situation.

The children who find themselves wrapped in adult conflict of which they have no control just want all those they love in their lives, the conflict has nothing to do with them or their welfare.

My personal view is that with out exception the thousands of grandparents that I have spoken to,who are going through a living hell  would not take the steps the grandmother in the book attempted.