Once again today I heard the tragic news of a Dad taking his own life, as a result of being denied contact with his children, and a family justice system that feels Dads are not important to children.

When will this all end?

Earlier this year a devoted grandfather also could not face life any longer without having his grandchild in his life.

Whatever your differences, however you might fall out with a family member, nothing, absolutely nothing makes this ok.

I read constantly, horrible things from family members who say unforgivable things about a parent or in law,or an ex, ┬áthis ‘hatred’ they have for another is inhuman, and the consequence is that someone is so desperate that they have to end their life.

Anyone who is treating another in this abhorrent way, is responsible.

Why is it necessary for people to be so evil and to wish harm to another?

We all bring our children up hopefully learning to be compassionate and to care about others, what hope does the world have to gain peace if families are in this fatal conflict all the time.

If you do one thing to day,  just stop, take a breath and consider if you are causing someone to feel life is no longer worth living, what is it saying about you?

Do you really want to have someones death living with you for the rest of your life?

Do you want your children growing up asking why were you so unkind to their dad, mum or grandparent that they could no longer go on?

My heart breaks for the friends and family this morning who have been left without a dad, just because of family conflict. Just because someone had to have control and just because the family justice system yet again let a family down.

Children who will no longer be able to share their dreams with their dad.

This is not just another Father, another Father to add to statistics, this is someones Dad, son, uncle, cousin, not a statistic, a human being who felt he had nothing to live for.

Rest in Peace.