Like most people I was pleased to hear the news yesterday that there will be new laws on child sexual abuse, finally.

It has taken decades for this to happen, goodness knows how many children have suffered this way. This is not occurring just in one authority,that would be bad enough,but right across the country. Those in authority choosing to either turn a blind eye, or simply not listening to children. The silent victims.

I was particularly moved by the parent who had gone to everyone in authority with their concerns, but no-one acted.

I wonder if all of this would have come to light had it not been for the Saville case?

Whilst welcoming these new laws, the question should now be, what about the thousands of children who are suffering, all forms of abuse, be it neglect or emotional abuse.

When will their voices be heard and taken seriously?

We must not keep repeating “lessons will be learnt,” when every second of everyday children are suffering from many forms of abuse, they are empty words, it is action that is needed, to truly protect all children.