You may be interested in this book just published here is the blurb:

-Mia Abigail—known most often simply as Abby—and her grandmother, Eve, had been one heart and one soul from the day of the little one’s birth. Four years later, almost overnight, everything changes drastically and Abby’s visits to grandmother’s house mysteriously dwindle to almost never. Quickly Eve comes to the disturbing realization that Mia Abigail is no longer allowed to spend time with her, while little Abby has no idea what is happening. Eve also learns that her daughter, Katy, Abby’s mother, has fallen in love with Simon McCormick, a former white supremacist. It seems to be Simon’s mission to control every aspect of Katy’s and Abby’s lives. His cunning and subversion stun all who know and love Katy and Mia Abigail. The drama escalates after Abby shares a horrific secret with her grandmother, catapulting the entire family into chaos. Abruptly, Abby’s inner world is thrown into confusion, and frightening, swirling colors and the agony of abandonment torment her. What will—indeed, what can Eve do now? Her burning motivation becomes: fight for Abby.-


From Teale Thurman :

“A number of years ago the unimaginable happened. My daughter, whom I’d always been close to, chose a new romantic relationship which caused dramatic and swift alienation from my grandson. It was horrifying and devastating.”

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