Turning a negative into a positive.

Those early days, of hurt and bewilderment,

The spiralling towards such darkness and despair,

The pain that seared through me like a red hot poker,

The day when I heard I would not see her again.

For months I felt I couldn’t go on, couldn’t face life without her,

The torment of a son who had been wrenched from his daughter,

I am a Mum who protects her children to the bitter end,

There was no way to protect, just to sit and observe a child’s pain.

One day, I awoke from this living bereavement,

Enough of my self pity, enough of anger, enough of wasting my life,

Life is never perfect, it is a blessing,

Things happen that cause so much agony, time to change.

A time to reach out, a time to turn things around.

From a tiny seed of an idea grew a tree of Hope,

Roots spreading wide, a stability in an uncertain time.

A place for sharing, caring and supporting,

Grandparents united in their sorrow, holding out their hands,

They steady the sinking ship, they look forward and never back,

Negativity is poisonous, it eats away at you at your very being,

It will trap you, curb your wings and drag you under.

We are all better than that, we are all unique, we all have a place,

Time to make a difference, to allow us time to live our lives,

Life is short, something’s we can not change,

We can change where we go from here, that is in our hands,

Enjoying every breath we breathe, soaking up the sun,

Embracing all that is good in out lives,

Being thankful for the friends we have made along this path,

Friends whom we would never have met, but for our common loss.

After dark there is always light.


Jane (Rights reserved April 2015)