In the years of setting up BGSG I have ‘met’ many thousands of grandparents,  not maybe in a physical sense with them all, but I get to know people when they are so low and desperate they can’t see a way forward.

I listen, I wait and listen again.

Human beings who feel such pain that some feel life is no longer worth living.

It is impossible for me to ever understand how family members can be so hell bent on controlling someone in this way, with threats, false allegations, sheer hatred, the level the perpetrators will stoop to has no boundaries.

The very act of denying contact of beloved grandchildren, has the most devastating effects.

A grandchild who had such a strong bond with their grandparent, is now left bereft, who was never given the time to say one last time how much they loved him.

I heard today that he has sadly passed away, his heart broken.

I know that he held that grandchild within his heart every single day of  his life.

Whatever reason a person has to make the decision to inflict so much pain on another, is inhuman.

Life is short, memories live long, grandchildren will not forgive those who have removed their right to a loving and caring relationship with their grandparents.

Sometimes, support is not enough, the scars run too deep.

Rest in peace, my friend, in the knowledge that your grandchild loved you more than words can say. You will live on in them. x