We all know how hard certain days are birthdays, Christmas, Easter and Mothers and Fathers Days.

Today in the UK it is Mother’s Day, and there are many Mums who won’t have the pleasure of their children giving them hand made cards, flowers and chocolates, all given with love.

The hearts of these Mums will be heavy with pain.

I have no doubt as well that their children will also be suffering.

Wondering why they are not allowed to acknowledge this special day.

Children get so much fun out of gluing and sticking those sparkly bits those 3D daffodils yellow like the sun, I worked with children and I can see them all now, working hard to make their card the best in the world.

For those who receive them, they are the best in the world.

My heart goes out to all these Mums and children.

Whatever has happened for you to be apart in a physical sense, remember that you are both still connected, your hearts beat as one, your blood runs through their veins an invisible thread holds you together.

You are and always will be their Mum.



Mothering Sunday

A morning which should be full of flower and spoils

Is a day she dreads

Shop windows signs “Don’t forget Mothers Day,”

Supermarkets burst forth with bouquets

Memories of children rushing in with soggy cereal

A treat for Mum

She just wants it to be Monday

A heart that was beating with so much love

The day she met her child

The same heart now is broken and torn

Every morning is a struggle

No child to hold in her arms

She holds just a void

An empty space of nothingness

The sound of a child’s cry still so fresh

She is unable to comfort

A tinkle of laughter is a distant memory

And so she will walk, she will reflect

On a time gone by

Only she can feel the pain and hurt

A mothers love is everlasting

That love will never diminish

A selfless love.

A day that will come and go

A Mum today and tomorrow.


©Rights reserved March 2016.