This week Marc and I had the privilege to go to Torpoint Nursery and Infant school to meet with staff and children who have come up with one of the best projects I have seen for a very long time.

It is called Silver Stories and it is bringing the generations together.

It involves pupils doing their reading once a week to an older member of the community over the phone.

Our patron Esther Rantzen went down to launch the project a few weeks ago.

In the school library the walls are full of quotes from those who are Silver Listeners such as ” You read that beautifully, I will look forward to hearing the next chapter next week,”  ” I am really enjoying this story, can’t wait to hear more.”

It was obvious just listening to the recipient of the calls that they had built up a lovely relationship with the young people, and looked forward to speaking to them.

I asked one of the readers what they liked about their Silver Stories the reply,” I like sharing my stories.”

This project is brilliant in its simplicity.

Just for a few moments two generations are joined together and focusing on each other.

We hope to be able to approach other schools to get involved.