Whatever your views on Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day, one thing for certain is that many thousands of mums won’t be receiving flowers, breakfast in bed or the most precious of gifts, a hug.

There will be those mums who have been estranged from their adult children and there will be those who are apart from their children because another parent is denying them contact.

The bond that happens when a child is born is like no other, the fact that you are responsible for another human being at first can be overwhelming, but as the years pass you have the privilege to watch those children grow and develop and to spread their wings.

We don’t own our children, they are their own person, we love them and hope that they will grow into caring adults.

A mum who is unable to do those things, as a result of relationship breakdown, what might have been a special day finds mothers day one of the most painful days there is.

Whether you are a mum who has been cut out of your adult child’s life or a mum who is denied contact by a resident parent, you are still those children’s mum, you carried those children and gave birth to them and your blood flows in their veins forever.

You are part of them and they are part of you.

This is for all of you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-Z9sXqr44s

Make sure you do something for you this Sunday.