As I wrote in a previous blog I said how important it is to tell our story and to get it recorded either on video or in the written word.

It is not a place for talking about how we became estranged from your grandchildren, but a history of you.

Painting a picture of your life.

As part of that process, I realised that over the last 9 years I seem to have written copious poems. Something I have never done before, I just needed to be able to express my feelings and so poems began.

I have put them all together and published them in a book, there are many ways of doing that online.

I would strongly suggest you get someone to proofread them before the final draft, I didn’t and so the finished book is full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors! Actually I quite like the fact that it is not perfect, because neither am I. I have annotated the mistakes, there seems to be quite a lot of red pen now.

This is just one of my poems:


How much do I love you?

How long will I love you?

As long as tide keeps turning,

As long as the stars are shining,

As long as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening,

Until the birds stop singing and awake the dawn.

My love for my grandchildren is unending,

I love you as deep as the ocean,

As long as my heart is beating,

As long as the wind is blowing, and the seasons changing.

Until the earth stops turning,

As long as sunflowers turn to face the sun,

As long as children can dance,

I will love those of you who are near and one who is distant.

Always I will be here for you,

I will love you until my final breath.


© (Sept 2013)