I am not a political animal at all, but just sometimes I see or read something that really ruffles my feathers.

Today on social media was a photograph of Mr Cameron saying this, “For me,families and relationships are not a secondary issue, they are an absolute political priority.”

My very sarcastic comment was ‘really?’

I am sick and tired of this sort of patronising remark.

Our society is facing family breakdown at epidemic proportions.

It is absolutely no good at all, saying that families and relationships are a priority when the millions of people involved in family estrangement, most importantly the children, are suffering on a daily basis.

All the words in the world make no difference, it is time for politicians to stop talking empty meaningless words, and face up to what is really happening.

Resident parents in their droves, continue to break the law by not adhering to child arrangement orders with no consequences. Over and over again they breach these orders, playing the system.

Laughing in the face of authority.

People being falsely accused of all sorts of horrendous deeds, even when no evidence is found, still the accusers get away with it.


No amount of reports, lectures, research, or spin will make a jot of difference to the millions of children who want to be a part of both their parents lives, because they love them both.

The children of this country have been let down by this government, they certainly don’t feel as though they are a priority at all.