Finally a top judge publicly speaks of the damage that is being inflicted by waring parents

Of course those of us who are personally at the receiving end of such viciousness have always know this.

It is time that everyone sits up and takes notice, this has and continues to be a serious concern for society as a whole, families are breaking up, children are being denied their birthright, their identity and family history, because of the disgusting behaviour of an adult in their lives, adults who don’t put the children first.

Dads, Mums and grandparents are taking their own lives because they are denied a relationship with their child or grandchildren.

Non resident parents who continue to deny the children the love and care of both parents, must be brought to task.

The children who make up their own minds are turning on those who cause this, the adult that they have been listening to, has lied to them, they have prevented the children  their right to grow up with both parents and the extended family, many years have been lost.

There are and never will be any winners in this.

Children who have been alienated in this way, will never forgive those who are the perpetrators.