I will never know why some parents make the cruel decision to sever the relationship between grandchild and grandparent, what I do know is the enormous damage that is done to all involved.

Children are left wondering what has happened why they suddenly don’t see their grandparents anymore.

Grandparents left feeling bereft, lost and lonely.

I read yet another article yesterday with a variety of statistics, apparently giving evidence of how many sons/daughters, son-in-laws/daughter-in-laws decide on denying contact.

The comments as always written under the article were vile in some cases. I know myself that any piece on this subject appears to bring out the ‘keyboard warriors.’ People who want to inflict as much hurt as they can. I often wonder if you met these people would they say the same things, I think not.

Once again I have spent the night thinking about why we find ourselves in this situation?

We were all parents first, we had our children, tried to do our best in nurturing and caring for them. Of course we made mistakes along the way, every parent does. Children were loved and protected, thats what parents do. Grandparents who have their own children stopping them from seeing the grandchildren, will all say the same thing, ‘what happened for this to happen, we bought our children up to be loving caring people, and yet they hurt us and the grandchildren this way?’

Only you who alienate families can answer that.

It is Christmas and emotions are running high, but the isolation and loneliness for grandparents is felt 24/7 365 days of the year.

Comments from those who are causing this separation include, hate, vile, poisonous, these words are about their own parents.

Of course, as I always say, if there is a child protection issue that is a different story altogether.

An adult child who had stopped the grandchildren seeing their grandparents, recently said, that it was all over something silly, but I couldn’t lose face.

One thing to remember is that life is very short, Mums and Dads are not here for ever, don’t leave it until it is too late, to pick up that phone and just say  “Hi, it’s me.”

Please don’t live the rest of your life, with feelings of anger,of regret, don’t let your children think that is ok to estrange family members, it could be that when they are older they make a bad choice to.