So it is another birthday, another year.

A young women of 17 now.

No longer the little girl of 7, with long blond hair and a twinkle in her eye.

Well possibly still with the long blond hair and I pray with the same twinkle in her eye.

No cards or presents this year, as requested by her.

How ever many years pass she lives in us all, in our hearts.

We respect her wishes of course, she is old enough to make up her own mind, and she doesn’t want her Dad or any of his family in her life.

I do find it difficult to believe how the years have past, we have had weddings, funerals and we have had the privilege of welcoming new lives, but there will always be that void, the empty space, the fact that someone is missing.

All we can do is to keep the door forever open.

Have a wonderful birthday, L…….., live your life to the full. Remember to be kind and to care.

Gran Jane.x