As I have written before, the UK is world leader in family breakdown.

Not really the accolade we want to have.

Today a group of Conservatives have produced a manifesto to strengthen families.

I am pleased to read that they are saying what I have been saying for years, we need to look at education. Young children need to be educated in the importance of relationships and the responsibility that comes with relationships.

Families seem to have joined our throw away society, easy come easy go.

Children are at the heart of families and their needs must be a priority.

Of course already in law, it should always be ‘in the child’s best interest,’ but as many of us know thousands of children are denied a relationship with a parent or grandparent.

Is it any wonder that our young people suffer from Mental Health issues?

All children have a right to a loving and caring relationship with both parents (who they love)  and their grandparents. A right to know about their family history and identity.

I am saddened to note that no where in this manifesto are grandparents or extended family  mentioned.

Having said that, this is a step forward in doing whats right for the children in the UK.

The aim has to be that the UK is at the bottom of the table on family breakdowns, not at the top.

Denying contact to a parent or grandparent has to be as socially unacceptable as drink driving.


If your MP is one of those who are supporting this manifesto write to them with your views.