Today I was reminded of an interview I did with Yasmin Alibhai Brown on Radio 4, and I can’t believe it was 4 years ago.

Listening to it again the overriding sadness is that nothing has changed.

Over one million children in the UK are still being denied contact with their grandparents, as a result of complete family breakdown.

When the government were in the process of Family Justice Reform, headlines were slapped all over newspapers “Grandparents to get Rights.” Of course it never happened, more to the point Grandchildren’s Rights were once again side stepped.

The voice of the grandchildren again ignored.

All politicians say with  monotonous   regularity how important grandparents are in their grandchildren lives, and that it is always stressed when separation or divorce is taking place, they are empty words.

It always comes back to the fact that some adults use their children as weapons, they know to deny contact will hurt the grandparents more than anything else, taking away that unique relationship will cause unimaginable hurt and pain, but why do parents inflict the same hurt and pain on their children?

So many questions and no answers.

We are living in an uncertain time across the world and destabilisation of every country, we need family more than ever, we need families to be looking after each other and to be a stabilising  influence.

A continuum.

When I am faced with such ‘hatred’ in peoples families I despair, if we can’t get it right within our own family units how on earth can we combat the evilness that is occurring around this wonderful planet.

As we know children are the future and I pray that they learn from their parents mistakes and never inflict this hurt on anyone. That when they are parents they listen to their children and always put them first.