We constantly hear how important families are, and how government have ‘family friendly’ policies. We hear that the importance of grandparents must be stressed when parents separate, and it goes on and on and on.

Those of us who are denied contact with grandchildren know that it is only words, empty words, children are still not being listened to, children  are still being kept apart from grandparents.

The grandparents that we support would do anything to regain relationships with their grandchildren, the majority have no idea why this has happened to them.

Grandchildren are being adopted,  in some cases grandparents are unaware of this, in one case they heard two years later that their grandchild had been adopted.

My understanding is that when a child has been taken into care extended family should be involved, extended family consulted, even if relationships have broken down surely every avenue should be investigated?

Can you possibly imagine after years of being estranged you find out that your grandchild has been taken into foster care, and when you contact the appropriate department you are told that the child was adopted 2 years ago? How do you give any comfort to a grandparent who is so devastated and says all hope she ever had, has now gone?

What are we as a society doing to these children, who will take responsibility for these appalling decisions ?

Children are growing up thinking that they have no birth family, no history, no identity.