The UK has the honour of the highest accolade, we are the world leaders in family breakdown.According to an article in The Sunday Times on Feb 26th.

An honour indeed.

Is it any wonder that children say that they are at their unhappiest they have been in the last 10 years, that 1 in 10 children say they have no-one who cares about them.

As I wrote recently, our ‘throw away’ society has also thrown away all family values and all that stands for.

Parents who find themselves unable to live together anymore become full of hatred and vitriol against one another and against other family members. To say the children are not affected is rubbish and self centred to the extreme.

It doesn’t have to that way, there are many couples who manage to put their children first and don’t let their differences inflict hurt and pain on the children.

According to the article it says that Harriet Harman MP has said that politicians should be banned from talking about marriage or the damage that family breakdown can cause, in my view she should hold her head in shame, if that is indeed correct.

All politicians should be recognising the enormous damage our society is facing, a total breakdown of family. Children permanently damaged, older family members not cared for within the family unit, the total lack of respect of family.

You have children, you take on that life long responsibility to make sure they grow up unhindered not to be embroiled in conflict and confusion.

A couple of years ago there was a government ‘family test’ where every government policy should be looked at with regard to the impact on families. Can’t see I have seen any evidence that that has ever happened.

Mind you, with the feminist brigade wielding so much power is it any surprise. They don’t think that men have any say anymore, that they are just ‘sperm banks,’ and that children don’t need them.

I am so ashamed that the UK is a world leader in this, absolutely nothing to be proud of.