Once again today I heard of a grandchild making their own choice.

A grandchild who had been estranged and alienated from their grandparents for many years, decided at the age of 18 that they would contact their grandparents.

The grandparents were understandable a little wary, not really believing and concerned of family reaction.

A visit was arranged by the grandchild, and it was as though they had never been apart. There were many stories to share, many years to catch up on.

The rest of the family have also now made tentative steps to reconcile.

As with all families who are beginning the long journey of building bridges it takes time and patience.

The important thing is that the children, even if they are 18, come first.

Hearing cases such as this, is yet another reason for everyone to never give up hope.

As I always say, the children don’t forget those they love.