As a support group we don’t give advice, we support, so when a grandparent contacts us to ask if we think they should go to court for a ¬†Child Arrangement Order, we don’t say yes or no.

What we do is to just give out thoughts, all based on fact.

For those who don’t know as a grandparent you do not have an automatic right to see your grandchildren, but you can apply to the court for permission to apply for an order.

If it is your decision to go down the legal route it is important that you go into this very long process with both eyes open.

Do lots of research, to give you a better informed decision.

What I can say is that we have countless numbers of grandparents who have spent their entire life savings on going to court, they face the stress of it all and still do not regain contact.

Going to court is a stressful ordeal, particularly if you have never experienced the court system.

So, please think very carefully, ask yourself these questions.

:Can I afford to spend my life savings?

: Am I physically and mentally strong enough to see this through?

: Am I prepared to listen to false allegations, insults and personal insults?