Today Dame Esther Rantzen has written an article in The Guardian, which shows clearly how many people are isolated and alone in the UK.

It is such a sad reflection of the society we live in today. Why are so many on their own, where are family and friends?

I think that there are many answers to that question, and certainly we know that one is that families are separating like never before and family members are alienated and estranged from those they love.

The days of the sepia photos of families all sitting on the beach in their deck chairs have long gone it seems.

We know that Christmas time is especially difficult, special days like anniversaries or birthdays are equally hard.

Summer time is when we see children with grandparents in the park, going to the cinema and sharing memories, those are the fortunate ones.

I find it heartbreaking to think that so many are sitting alone, not knowing when they will have a conversation with someone, when they will be able to just share a cuppa.

Of course it is wonderful that we are all living longer, and we are all hopefully healthier, but it is about the quality of life.

As humans we need each other, we need to be loved and to be able to love.

If you are an estranged grandparent you don’t need to be alone we are here to help and support you email or phone : 07773258270- if no one there please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Next time you go past your neighbours door, just give it a knock to check they are ok, and maybe make that cuppa.