Using social media for me is vital to be able to reach people, would I use it if I wasn’t running BGSG?

If I am honest probably not.

Of course it is an amazing tool, it brings people together at the click of a mouse or a touch of a screen, but we all know there is a down side.

There are people out there who take delight in writing all sorts of abuse, not only to celebrities but to anyone, the more vulnerable they think people are the better.

Although the ‘sensible’ us knows that it is not personal, in most cases we don’t even know these people.

Of course if we are vulnerable for what ever reason, we do take it personally, it can be horrible and I have certainly been at the receiving end of this form of abuse.

What is a huge concern for me is that when people are estranged from a family member, it can be almost an uncontrollable urge to keep looking for their Face Book page, their Twitter accounts, and when its found, all that we see is abusive comments about us, it is the social media weapon used to discredit and hurt.

The written word is a powerful tool, people read them over and over again, and then people get ‘blocked’ just another weapon used in alienation issues.

Why do we continually look at this rubbish?

As with all rubbish it needs to go in the trash.

Please don’t keep putting yourselves through this sort of abuse, you can avoid it.

It is in your hands, deactivate your account or block these perpetrators yourself.

Abusive texts,comments and tweets are now an offence.