This week I have been reminded of why Bristol Grandparents Support Group works.

A member wrote to me to say that without finding the group she really believed she would not be here today. It is very humbling to be told that, but as I regularly point out, it is not about one individual it is about how once members feel comfortable, they themselves become the supporters.

We are  a support group, which means we are here when people need us, to hold a hand, to help to pull people up when they feel they can not stand.

It is about showing people that things do change, they may not get resolved but it is how we deal with our situations that  change, it is about enabling people.

We can do nothing about the whys and wherefores, but we can make positive changes for ourselves.

The title of this blog is ‘Self Help’ and I am a strong believer that you have to find it within yourself to make the changes necessary to live a fulfilled life. All of us will experience the knocks of life, they can’t be avoided but we can hope to learn from them,

I know I make it sound easy, and it isn’t, you have to keep fighting, keep at it, and above all regain your self-esteem.

I see this everyday on our social media sites, grandparents giving support to each other, giving grandparents permission to smile and have a giggle with one another. Each and every one of them has a common bond, they are apart from people they love. At times they share the tears and send virtual hugs, they understand. But the overriding feeling is one of hope, hope when a grandparent posts that they are now reunited with their grandchildren, popping in to keep everyone updated, spreading that hope far and wide. Grandparents from all over the world brought together with the help of modern technology, just a click away, 24/7 there is always someone there.

Helping yourself is achieved by actually helping someone else.

Go to bed at night in the knowledge that you have helped someone get through a difficult day and you will sleep well and will wake refreshed to do it all again, today.

Remember it is not about individual people but about the whole.