We all know the terrible loss we all feel when we no longer are in contact with our grandchildren, every single story is unique.

I have received many, many messages again this year for our ‘Tree of Hope,’ each one carrying such sadness ¬†and yet as they all are rustling in the wind, with the bright red cherry lights also a symbol of love and hope for the future.

Today I received the saddest message of all, a much loved daughter taken from this world far too early, the worst thing as parents we all fear is the loss of our children prematurely, parents who are trying to come to terms with their loss then have to face the only link to their daughter, their grandchildren, also taken away from them.

A decision that seems impossible to understand.

The partner who is left makes the decision to withdraw contact with the children.

A double bereavement for the grandparents and the grandchildren.

My heart goes out to all who are in this heartbreaking situation.