Marc and I are delighted to have been invited down to Plymouth next week for the launch of Operation Encompass becoming a registered charity.

Operation Encompass is a project that listens to the voice and needs of children who are witnessing domestic violence within the home.

So often the children are the forgotten sufferers of DV incidents.

As a young person how must it feel to listen and watch one of your parents shouting and or hitting the other parent?

Some children will somehow believe that it is a perfectly normal way to behave and so the cycle continues.

The children’s school life may well be the only place that these children feel safe, a constant in their lives. So the perfect place to offer out a hand when needed.

Operation Encompass is the project of Lis Carney Haworth and her husband David, Lis is the Headteacher at Torpoint Nursery and Primary School and David is a retired police officer.

When the Police are called to a Domestic Violence incident and a child is in that home, by 9am the following school morning the Key Adult, within the school,will have been notified, which instantly alerts them to be able to give the necessary support to that individual child.

The issue of DV needs to be out in the open, we need to be able to discuss it openly and we need to accept that the children are also suffering and they must be able to access help and support.

In The Times this weekend it says that Home Office figures obtained by them are now recording that 1 in 3 men are now also victims of DV, it is time to  accept that DV is not gender specific, it can happen to either sex at any time, whoever it is against it is totally unacceptable.

Operation Encompass is operating in 15 authorities across the UK, lets hope it is soon available to all schools and to all the silent victims of DV.

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