An open letter to Doctors.


Dear ……………….


We would like to inform you of the issue of grandparents who are denied contact with their grandchildren due to family breakdown, and the resulting mental and physical problems they are experiencing, we know that many grandparents are looking for help and support from their GPs’.

Grandparents are suffering from severe depression and some are feeling suicidal.

Many are reporting stress-related illnesses, sleep issues , not wanting to eat and look after themselves.

As we age, we encounter a host of physically challenging and often debilitating problems.

Nothing compares, however, with the unmitigated sorrow that we carry in our hearts. We would like you to know that the acute, progressive, and overwhelming consequence of being cut off from our cherished grandchildren is the feeling of helplessness and worthlessness.

As grandparents we see ourselves as problem solvers, but we find ourselves unable to make sense of our loss. We feel ashamed that we can not heal the hurt.

Some experts are calling the issue elder abuse, and child abuse in denying our grandchildren a loving and caring relationship with their grandparents.

The alienation of loving and supportive grandparents will have a negative impact on our grandchildren for the rest of their lives, and alienation is often generational.

We hope by writing to you that we are raising awareness on an issue that is increasing nationally and globally and is impacting greatly on the health of the older generation.

Many grandparents find it very difficult to talk about, they are not only ashamed but embarrassed of this disclosure, and they blame themselves.

We would like to enlist your help by considering the link between your patients illnesses and the possible contributor of contact denial.

It is vital that grandparents know that they are not alone and that there is help and support out there for them.

Please pass on our contact details to those seeking help.

Bristol Grandparents Support Group – 07773258270

Many thanks for taking time in reading this.


Signed …………………..