There is an enormous array of information out there about estrangement, parental alienation, denied contact ect, and many , many more ‘experts’.

I am in a constant state of utter confusion by them all.

I am ¬†told I shouldn’t be using certain phrases, terminology , should be cautious about a variety of organisations who apparently are not what they seem. Either because they are politically motivated, or are government funded, or funded by companies that I should have nothing to do with.

Do you know something, I don’t give a fig.

All I care about is the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters actually anyone who is going through the devastation of losing someone they love.

I am not an expert, I do not have any training, I do not have any letters after my name, I am just a wife, mum and grandparent who wants to try and be a listening ear at a time in someones life where they feel isolated and alone.

At one time I used to get so bogged down by people telling me I should be doing things this way or that, I felt I couldn’t trust anyone. That all those who were supposed to be working towards the same ends had some sort of hidden agenda.

It reminds me yet again why we decided to be independent from any other organisation.

There appears, sadly, to be many people with huge egos around, people who have become self promoting.

All I and BGSG have ever wanted to do was to support, and we will continue to do so, to the best of our abilities. We may get things wrong, none of us are perfect, but we really do care, so as they say, “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

For us it is and always has been about the children.